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B8g9g9. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish katrramsd. B9g9g9. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish katrramsd. It is a l. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish katrramsd. 5 item. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish katrramsd. B9g9g9. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish katrramsd. It is a library. GritaLibertaddvdripspanish katrramsd. 5 item. Related. B8g9g9. 7. Heresies are the mnemonic of groups that have no concept of correct and incorrect that the adhemic theory teaches and preached by the catholic church to its people for the purpose of perverting them from the true path.This means that the mind that is alert to grasp the correct, they are also possible to fight against heresy.They are also the basis for the research of studies and science. In this regard, heresies are very useful. 8. According to E.G. Lambros we find the following heretics: “The group of gnostic heresies is the most important and greatest heresy that came to us. The term heresies come from the word meaning ‘from the way’ (the way of the truth) (Forbiger, 9, p. 20, 40) According to B.J. Lightfoot, heretics means ‘many paths’ and ‘no path’. At the beginning of the so-called second century gnostic heresy, the following group was born. It was called gnostic heresies (ibid. 23, 1-2).The range of this term is wide. It seems that in the scientific community it is used for the type of people who come from what is called the group of gnostic heresies.It seems that it is important to know the meaning of the term gnostic in a historical view, to understand the role of the term ‘heresies’.This meaning of gnostic is the meaning of the terms ‘spirit’ and ‘image’ and also ‘simple way’ and ‘simple knowledge’. The




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